Butterfly Poem from Farmers Garden 9/6/09


Do you have a butterfly poem?  Let me see!  David

I should add that if you go to my BOOKS page and click on Farmer’s Garden, you’ll learn more about the book and what reviewers have said. This is a favorite in schools where teachers encourage students to write additional verses in the style of the book.

4 comments on “Butterfly Poem from Farmers Garden 9/6/09

  1. Thank you, Kelly,

    Kathy Temean (who created the site for me) preselected some of my work ahead of time to post until I could catch up with the mechanics of posting. This one comes from Farmer’s Garden, a book told in two voices with the dog interviewing everything he meets in his master’s garden. Teachers and parents like it because of the two readers involved.

    I’ll be posting a poem each week from my published books. There are enough to last a few years and by then I hope I’ll have a few more!


  2. Butterfly, Butterfly, what do you do
    And where do you go when it rains?
    Where do you hide when it gets very cold?
    Are there days you feel scared or know pain?

    So gently you flit, fly and flutter in peace –
    Quiet grace in the sunshine so warm.
    Do you keep your soft calm
    In the wind and the wet
    And the loud and the might of a storm?

    Butterfly, Butterfly what do you do
    And where do you go when it rains?
    When are you mad? Do you worry sometimes?
    Are there days when you yell or complain?

    • Liz,

      Farmer’s Dog would be proud! Posing questions is one of the most effective ways of composing poetry. Sometimes we try to answer them but that’s not always necessary to get our point across.

      Many thanks for your contribution.


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