Up and running

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago I had no website and now I do, thanks to Kathy Temean and her great work.

Now that I have my own site I can’t just keep clicking on it to see if anyone has dropped by. It’s time to learn how to use this personal place in space to meet new friends and stay in touch with old ones.

Many of you are experienced hands at this so I hope you’ll offer your sage advice about keeping my site energized, inviting, and useful.

I want to thank Laura Salas and Sylvia Vardell for your wonderful support in recent postings on your own sites of my poetry titles, bugs, Pirates, and Vacation. I promise to learn how to move from blog to blog to stay in touch. Coming from a man who still has his old slide rule in a desk drawer, this is brave talk.

Rebecca Dotlich has been a good friend as always and kept in touch as I’ve marched along this new trail. Many others have dropped by, too many to name (thank goodness!), but to each of you I’m grateful.

Teachers, please tell me how I can improve the site to serve you and your students better.

That’s it for now. Whew! My very first posting on my own and without any coaching. Well, that is if you don’t count the forty-five minutes Kathy spent with me on the phone today.