My Earthworks series

Although I love to write poetry, I also enjoy writing fiction and nonfiction. Earthworks is a nonfiction series of seven titles about how Earth works. The subjects cover mountains, rivers, oceans, volcanoes, earthquakes, caves, and glaciers. Students seem surprised when I tell them that I had a “word budget” of 700 words for each book. That meant I had to do a lot of reading and note taking before deciding what was important enough to include.

One result of writing with a word budget is that the author must make every word count, sometimes to the point that the narrative may feel somewhat like free verse. More than one reviewer mentioned that aspect of the writing.

As I develop this blog site over time, you’ll see a lot of my poetry, but I also want to share excerpts from fiction and nonfiction books. Soon I’d like to show you some prose from the Earthworks series.

If you’re working on something other than poetry and want to talk about it, let me know.