Quick report and new contest!

Sorry for the late posting today; been off playing with friends.

Sunday is the last day of October, which means the following:

1) The final day of the contest to see who leaves the most notes on my blog during October.

2) The final day of the contest for a drawing among those who have signed my website guest book.

3) The final day before I give you a new poem-starter word for November.

4) The final day before I present the results of the poll to help me develop a better profile of visitors to my blog.


ANNOUNCING a popularity poll between now and Sunday night to determine the favorite dirt poem for the month of October.

You can vote for your own poem or for someone’s elses (excluding mine). All of the dirt poems received so far appear on the October 23 post. Read them again and cast your ballot by Sunday night. (Helpful hint: It’s fine for family, friends, and even total strangers to vote too!) TO VOTE, CLICK ON COMMENTS UNDER THIS POST AND LEAVE A NOTE SAYING, “I VOTE FOR ______ BY _____.”
And what will our winner receive?

1) He or she will be listed in our Monthly Hall of Fame, a list of high honor reserved for poets whose winning work was inspired by a single word.
2) The obvious end result of this will be the first Annual Hall of Fame winner, to be chosen by popular vote among our twelve monthly winners.

So get with it everyone!! November will be here before you know it!


6 comments on “Quick report and new contest!

  1. Hi.
    How do we cast a vote for a dirt poem? I couldn’t figure it out. PS I don’t think this should count as a comment for October!

    • Oops! Pretty vague, huh?

      What I meant to suggest, Liz, is for people to go to comments, as you just did, and leave a note saying something like, “I vote for ___ by ___.”

      I’ll add this suggestion to today’s post.



    • Hi Stacy,

      Now that I’ve posted a voting box today, you can go to Alyssa’s box, click on it, and then hit VOTE. Easy as that.



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