Where to from here?

Hello everyone,

Now that October’s “dirt” poems are behind us, let’s see some November “thanks” poems. Remember, cutoff for posting your poems is November 21.

To accomodate an anticapted growth in submissions by young poets, we have created two divisions. If you’ll look above the daily blog (immediately below the book covers), you’ll see two bars: ADULT WORD OF THE MONTH POEMS and YOUNG POETS’ WORD OF THE MONTH POEMS. This way we can continue to showcase poems posted by our adult writers but also make room for aspiring young writers to see their own work on the blog.

When you are ready to share your poem, go to the appropriate bar, click on it and post your poem there. This way we’ll always have a place where everyone can see the growing list of poems without the need to scroll all over the place looking for them.

Again, my thanks to Kathy Temean for creating my blog and suggesting the contest; to our eleven poets whose dirt poems demonstrated how many ways a single word can inspire poetry; and to our October Hall of Fame Poet Mimi Cross and our October Hall of Fame Young Poet Alyssa Kirch. Congratulations to all!

Check out Kathy’s blog today (http://kathytemean.wordpress.com) for a great review of Mimi and her poem. Also, go to YAAGroup (www.yaagroup.wordpress.com) to see Alyssa and her poem featured.

We haven’t had many people fill in the survey box to help me learn more about the regular viewers of the blog, but enough did to give me a good idea. In general, here’s what I saw. So far we have a number of writers, some of whom have been published and some who are hot on the trail of seeing that first publication with their name on it. We are also being followed by teachers, parents, and a few students. Your interests vary among poetry, picture books, fiction, and nonfiction and preferences ranks pretty much in that order.

This helps me think ahead and make a few more plans for the blog. For one thing, I’ve begun inviting special guests to make occasional appearances here to speak on subjects that you should find interesting. These guest essays will normally run between 500 – 750 words and our first guest may appear in the next week or so.

If you have subjects of special interest to you, I hope you’ll post them to help us keep the site useful to you.

Here we are in Wednesday already. Yesterday I got down a few words toward my thanks poem. Today I’ll finish the first rough draft.

Good writing!


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