Announcing Kathy Temean and Rules for December “bone” poems

I think it’s high time to feature my webboss, Kathy Temean. I expect that many of you know her and have admired her work but I’m going to kick off the new year with Kathy as my featured guest. I look forward to it and can’t think of a better way to start 2010. Some hints about Kathy’s extensive background include music, art, teaching, sales, and computers. There’s more, a lot more! Watch for Kathy’s complete bio before long and her guest blog on January 2.


To everyone who plans to share a bone poem this month, don’t forget how hectic things get as we move into December. I hope to see a lot of poems come in as early as possible before our writing time becomes too interrupted. Keep these dates in mind.

December 21 — Cutoff for posting bone poems at midnight CST.
December 23 — Voting begins for December Hall of Fame Poets.
December 30 — Voting ends at midnight CST.
December 31 — December winners declared and January word announced.

People are excited about this month’s word: BONE. Let’s get out there and shake, rattle, and roll.


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