Cheryl Harness

BULLETIN: Tomorrow (December 9) I’ll be featured on an online chat hosted by 417 Magazine. You can find me at starting at 2:00 P.M. CST.

Writers, teachers, librarians, parents, and students are welcome to click in on the interview or join in with questions. I hope to hear from a lot of my blog friends so BE THERE!


Many readers who drop by my blog have a strong interest in poetry. However, when I did the survey not long ago, it was clear that many of you would like to read more about fiction and nonfiction, including picture books. That made me think not only of outstanding writers I know in those genres but also outstanding artists.Today I’m delighted to tell you that Cheryl Harness has signed on to be an upcoming guest. If you haven’t yet met Cheryl through her work, you are in for a treat. She is both artist and author, a witty speaker, and one of those rare individuals who understands history as a continuum of human experience in which we are merely players in an ongoing story. I’m eager to see Cheryl’s remarks when she finishes them.

I hope you are enjoying this month’s poems as much as I am. Through the first seven days we’ve seen ten poets share thirteen poems, each inspired by the December word: bone. We’ve been treated to a haiku, two villanelles, and a number of strong efforts in verse and free verse. I hope to see a number of other poets join us before the cutoff on December 21.


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