Mary Jo Fresch

My thanks again to Marilyn Singer for being my blog guest yesterday. Her remarks attracted many readers, some of whom posted comments and questions. I know that others will visit the site to read and reread Marilyn’s article.

UPDATE: As we enter our final three days for posting bone poems, 13 adults have shared 17 poems and 11 young poets have shared 11 poems, including the latest two by Natalie Skaist and Maddy O’Donnell — 4th graders in Beaverton, Oregon. Be sure to read their poems. Among the adults, Liz Korba (November’s Hall of Fame Poet) is ineligible to win again during this twelve month period. We’ve had some exceptional poems from adults and students alike. Bone has been a productive word but I suspect the secret lies in how many people are now becoming comfortable with this exercise and enjoying the challenge it provides. I hope to see more poets post their offerings before we cut off Monday at midnight CST. Be sure you read what we’ve received so far.

I’m very happy to tell you that Mary Jo Fresch will be my guest on Tuesday, December 29. Dr. Fresch is a professor at Ohio State University at Marion where she teaches graduate courses in literacy and children’s literature. There’s much much more to know about her but this will get you started until I post her bio on Monday the 28th.