Mrs. Stanley’s Christmas

By David L. Harrison   

It was Christmas Eve and snowing. Mrs. Stanley’s feet hurt but she hummed a Christmas carol as she worked in her kitchen. Little John would be there soon. She hadn’t seen her grandson since last summer. The table set for four looked splendid with her best dishes. She hummed as she set out coffee cups.
      She stopped humming when the telephone rang.
      “Mama?” It was Joyce.
      Mrs. Stanley knew something was wrong.
      “We’re snowed in at the airport.”
      “Oh no!”

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Peace to all,

13 comments on “Mrs. Stanley’s Christmas

    • Merry Christmas, Mary Nida,

      I’m pleased that you enjoyed my story. It’s nice to see Mrs. Stanley’s Christmas find another way to reach readers.


  1. A wonderful story that reminds us the season is as much about the spirit of love and renewal as it is “getting” something. I think Mrs. Stanley found that out! Thanks for an inspiring story.

    • Hi Mary Jo,

      Glad you like Mrs. Stanley and her young friend. Sometimes I think I’ll see if anyone would bring out the story in book form but I don’t ever get around to it. Maybe I’ll put that on my New Year’s resolution list.


  2. This is wonderful! I do hope that you get it published in book form so more readers can enjoy it. It was truly heartwarming.
    Happy New Year!

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