Cynthia Leitich Smith

Greetings on this day after Christmas. Many of you may be hitting the sales about now but perhaps you’ll slow down to read my good news later. I’m delighted to tell you about another upcoming blog guest — Cynthia Leitich Smith. I suspect that Cynthia needs no introduction to anyone who follows the major blog sites or reads her great YA Gothic fantasy novels. I’ll furnish her bio when we get closer to February. That’s when I hope to bring Cynthia to my blog.

P.S. Cynthia interviewed me for her blog and it appears on 12/28. Here’s how to find it: Cynsations Craft, Career & Cheer interview is live (12/28) at:
It’s also crossposted to LJ, MySpace, Facebook, JacketFlap, and (later) Twitter).

Have you voted for your picks of December’s bone poems? At this point Priya Shah is leading in the Young Poet group with Hope Murphy in second place. Linda Kulp is ahead in the Poet group although that race is much tighter with Steven Withrow, Marjie DeWilde, and Andromeda Jazmon in hot pursuit. Technically Mimi Cross is the current top vote getter but Mimi is our October Hall of Fame Poet so she can’t win again during this twelve month period. Please read or reread the month’s delightful poems and vote for one favorite in each group. Everyone enjoys seeing the votes come in from readers who have taken the time to offer encouragement and appreciation. Everyone is deserving so urge friends and colleagues to vote while there is time.

My thanks to those who have commented on my Christmas story. I’m glad you enjoyed Mrs. Stanley’s Christmas.

Tomorrow is my Poem of the Week day. Kathy Temean has been selecting the poems so I’m always eager to see what she has chosen.David

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