Guess what today is? It’s website day.


I’ve been thinking that many of you have websites and tend to them regularly but still find time to visit mine. It occurs to me that you might post your web address here under today’s comments and it would create a handy reference for anyone who might like to check you out and get better acquainted. Sort of a directory of visitors. Does that make sense?

If you think the idea has merit, why not leave a comment to tell a little more about yourself and post your own sites. We can keep this as one of those posts that grow over time as others find it and leave their own information.

Also, tomorrow I’ll introduce Cheryl Harness who is a wonderful artist and author. You’ll see her bio tomorrow and her guest blog the next day. You have a treat in store!


16 comments on “Guess what today is? It’s website day.

  1. Welcome, Hazel,

    Thanks for going first to break the ice. I hope we’ll be joined by many others.

    Good luck with your work.


    • Mary Nida,

      I’m glad you like the idea and have joined in. It will be interesting to see how many others find the site and do the same.


    • Mimi, I am flattered. This blogging business takes a heck of a lot more time than I ever intended. That lyin’ lowdown Kathy Temean assured me that I could manage this in an hour per day. Yeah, right.

      On the other hand, I’m meeting lots and lots of good people and enjoying all my new friends. So Kathy is forgiven.


    • Yousei, you and so many others manage to create and maintain two or more blog sites, and I stand in awe!

      This one site is all I can handle so I have no idea how one could take care of multiples. Wow!


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