Vicki Grove tomorrow

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I told you not long ago that we were in for a treat when my guest Vicki Grove made her appearance. Tomorrow is the big day! When I asked Vicki for a bio, she came through with her usual modestly brief summary. She could, if she would, add whole paragraphs to this bio, but that wouldn’t be Vicki. So read what she says about herself and, tomorrow, read what she chooses to share with us, and you’ll agree with me that I chose well when I invited Vicki to join us.

Vicki Grove lives in a little yellow house on Cole Camp Creek in the Missouri Ozarks with her seven cats, her dog Imogene, and her husband, Mike. She has written twelve novels for young readers, all of them published by Penguin Putnam. She’s also written about 300 articles, short stories, and essays for magazines like American Girl, Reader’s Digest, and Country Living. When she isn’t writing she’s usually sitting under a sycamore tree watching the eagles and reading a good book.