Announcing Dan Burr

Dan Burr

and I had a terrific time creating Pirates. Dan will explain how he and I worked on the book and share numerous helpful insights into how a first rate artist thinks and approaches each project when he appears as my blog guest on March 19. I’m excited to present him to you.

It’s hard to image that we’re now entering our fifth month of Word of the Month Poetry Challenge. Each month we are joined by a large percentage of poets who take the challenge regularly and welcome several new poets who have joined us. I thought you might like a recap of our Hall of Fame Poet and Hall of Fame Young Poet winners from the first four complete months. No one can win twice during the twelve month period ending this September, but that doesn’t keep our previous winners from sharing their poetry each month and garnering their share of votes from fans old and new. Congratulations again to all winners and everyone who has become part of this monthly exercise that’s meant to strengthen our imaginative approach to writing, be it poetry or anything else.

Hall of Fame Winners

OCTOBER Word: Dirt
Adult Poet, Mimi Cross, New Jersey, Dirt Blues
Young Poet, Alyssa Kirch, Missouri, Mud Pie

NOVEMBER Word: Thanks
Adult Poet, Liz Korba, New Jersey, You’re Welcome
Young Poet, Claire Scott, Maryland, Thanks for Nothing
Adult Poet, Linda Kulp, Maryland , Wishes
Young Poet, Priya Shah, Maryland, A Mother’s Wish
JANUARY Word: Time
Adult Poet, Steven Withrow, Rhode Island, The Time Ship
Young Poet, John Sullivan, Ohio, End