So where do you think we are?

Hello from Denver everyone,

Yesterday I spoke at both of my presentations about Word of the Month Poetry Challenge and received good input. I’ll report more about that next week when I’m home and get to it. I’m also behind on my plan to post a poetry tip on Wednesday so I’ll try to do better on that too.

Right now I’m looking back over the months since last August when Kathy Temean helped me start this blog, and I’m wondering how you feel about it? A lot of my writing friends ask why I’ve been spending so much time on it and I’ve been telling them that I enjoy the challenge but don’t have a clear notion of where I’m going or whether I’m accomplishing what visitors and participants would like to see happen.

So maybe this is a good time to simply ask you. Are there elements of this blog that you like or don’t like? Things you would change, delete, add?

This is a genuine request for input. Someone needs to tell me if I’m taking us in the wrong direction. I need to know if I’m spending too much time on poetry and not enough on fiction and nonfiction.

I hope at least some of you will find the time to give me your take and suggestions. I will appreciate hearing your thoughts.