Announcing Georgia Heard

REMINDER: 8 days left to post your poems for Feburary!



Each month we welcome new poets to Word of the Month and greet those who share their poems on a regular basis. Right now I’m pulling together the poems posted so far in February so I can be ready to put up the voting boxes on the 23rd. I’m impressed by the diversity of thought and interpretation presented in these poems. If you haven’t paused to read all the way down the list, I hope you will. I also hope you will leave comments for this month’s poets, some of whom are writing poetry for this blog for the first time.

I’m always impressed by Georgia Heard. She is talented in so many ways and always gracious with sharing her time and expertise. I’m especially glad to tell you that Georgia has accepted my invitation to join us in the not so distant future as a guest on my blog. I’ll post a bio the day prior to Georgia’s appearance but I wanted you to have plenty of advance time to look for information about her. Hint: it’s not hard to do.