Time’s up tonight

Tonight at midnight CST we cut off submissions for February’s Word of the Month poems. We have received a bumper crop again this month and I’m glad to see so many newcomers join us.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the experience of creating a poem beginning with a single word and I look forward to seeing what you’ll do with the word for March. I haven’t chosen that word yet but we’ll all learn what it is on the last day of this month.

I suspect that many of you belong to writers groups. Such organizations often are comprised of romance, mystery, western, mainstream, short story, magazine article, and children’s writers. Who have I left out? Poets don’t usually make up a very large percent of the membership.

So here’s my pitch. All those romance-mystery-western-mainstream-story writers need to learn to express some of their thoughts poetically. Poetry helps any writer of any genre learn to condense thoughts into tight sentences. It also give them a chance to introduce a character who is a poet. Ha! See how versatile poetry is? So spread the word. A writer is a writer is a writer.