The Voting Begins

    Congratulations to all of our February poets. Once again you have demonstrated how creative a writer’s mind can be. One word — road — stimulated you to write a variety of poems that did indeed lead us down many intriguing roads of thought. Thanks to each of you.
    This is the time to have fun with the voting process. What good is it to toil over your work if no one sees it? So get out the word that you have a poem posted and would appreciate a little support for your effort. If you have a blog, blog it. If you are on Facebook or Twitter or network in other ways, then you have methods to reach friends, colleagues, family, classmates, and followers. It’s surprising how many readers come by during the days of voting to check out the poetry and vote for a favorite.Counting today, the polls will be open for 5 days. We close on the 27th and announce the February Word of the Month Hall of Fame Poet on the 28th. Time to do it!

    BULLETIN: Poems by Yousei, Geradine, and Beth were accidentally left off the list you see when you click to read. They are, however, listed under Adult W.O.M. above this page. I’m taking care of the oversight and the three missing poems wil be posted before the day is over.