Poem of the Week – Song of the Tree Frogs

From Wild Country by David L Harrison

Frog poems, anyone?

16 comments on “Poem of the Week – Song of the Tree Frogs

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks! I loved working on Wild Country and gathered material for it on trips to Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, California, Missouri, and Arizona. Of course every state has its wild country for those who seek it.


  1. Neat poem. I love tree frogs. I heard my first one at Manchester, Washington. I love their songs.One evening a couple of years ago, I found one peering in my garage window. I hear them in the spring at the old rotted stump near The Woodland Garden gate.

    • Thank you, Mary Nida,

      We have lots of the little singers around southwest Missouri and I dearly love to hear them. I haven’t camped out in years but the night chorus of frogs was one of my favorite parts of camping too.


  2. Cute poem. Interesting thread–I mentioned a frog in last month’s poem, A Country Drive, Ginny mentioned a frog in her poem for March, and now this one. We must have frogs on our minds!

    • Beth,

      With frog season coming up, I guess we’re all thinking along the same lines. Glad you like this one.


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  5. We just don’t have them here in Colorado, & I’m coming back to see my brother next week, hoping to hear some “song”. I love that connection to the ancestry, thinking about all who sang before, and all who listened, too. Thanks, David!

    • Thank you, Linda. I’m afraid you’re late to hear much from those musical little guys. They’re most vocal in spring when males are looking for mates. Maybe you’ll be lucky. I hope so!

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