Get ready for J. Patrick Lewis on March 26


I know that many of you enjoyed yesterday’s guest blog by artist Dan Burr. If you have further questions or comments, please post them where Dan can see them too. Coming up next week is one of the nation’s best and most prolific poets, J. Patrick Lewis. I’ll post Pat’s bio on Thursday and his intriguing article on Friday. Mark it down.

BULLETIN: Counting today we have 5 days left to post your poems for this month.

Spring break has made it difficult for teachers to post poems by their students this month but thanks to Jana Foster from Toledo, Ohio and Marjie DeWilde and Chloe Shank from Springfield, Missouri we have 8 delightful efforts. In the adult group, we’ve seen 22 entries from 19 poets, including a number from newcomers to the challenge.

With five days remaining before cut off on March 24, there is plenty of time to finish your poem and get it up to share. Dont’ forget, this month’s word is life.

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