Questions for Rebecca Dotlich?


Rebecca Dotlich is coming! She is scheduled for Friday, April 16. We’ve been discussing format for her remarks and Rebecca offers this suggestion. Rather than respond to questions posed by me or write something about herself and her work, she hopes to hear from readers with questions of their own. How does that sound?

Starting today, you can leave your questions as comments below this post so that Rebecca will have time to respond on the 16th. Please help me make this approach work. Feel free to tell others in your networks about this opportunity to engage in a blog version of a one-on-one session with one of our best known poets. Thanks!


9 comments on “Questions for Rebecca Dotlich?

  1. I am over the top excited about the possibility of being in the same space again with Rebecca Dotlich on your blog. I was fortunate some years back to take a workshop with her at HIGHLIGHTS and she was absolutely so professional in her approach to teaching, that I came home with numerous tools to fall in love with poetry and rhyme all over again. She is a top poet among many, and her enthusiasm for turning words into magic is unmatched. I look forward to participating in this wonderful opportunity. Surfing the web, I just stumbled upon your invitation, and I can’t wait for April 16th. One of the most valuable lessons that Rebecca taught our class was that: “Write your work, revise your work, read it out loud, never give up, and “Yes you can.” What a gift you’re giving your followers. Thank you, Diane Roberts

    • Hello Diane,

      I’m happy too to bring you Rebecca as my guest on April 16. A lot of people will be looking forward to that.

      If you have questions for Rebecca, I hope you will post them here so she’ll have time to reflect on them before the 16th.



      • So many questions spin around my head about poetry and rhymes and I’m looking forward to hearing from Rebecca and listening carefully to some of her sound advice on how to grow a poem. One question I’d like to ask her is this:

        “When you begin to write a poem, Rebecca, do you always know
        how it’s going to end?”

  2. Oh, and one more thing. I have a two year old granddaughter who loves Lemonade Sun. You know when you can hold the attention of a wiggly, giggly, baby girl, you are holding a special book in your hands. Although she ate one of the pages, she loves to hear the words read to her. And, I bet the page was delicious, too. Diane

  3. I have a couple of questions for my friend, Rebecca. I know she has collaborated with other poets like J. Patrick Lewis in the past, and I wonder how collaborating changes her writing process from creating poems individually? I also would like to know which of her picture books she’s been particularly pleased with in terms of the illustrations and why. Lastly, what is she working on now?

    • Thanks, April. If Rebecca doesn’t happen to see your questions here, I’ll be sure she gets them.

      I appreciate your comments and hope you’ll come back.


  4. Hi,
    Just finished my stack of books from the library. It was a wonderful read. Lemonade Sun brought back a lot of great memories. I love the imagery captured in these poems. I’m wondering if that sort of thing comes naturally to Rebecca or if it is as much work as getting the meter and rhyme correct.
    I’m also wondering how the Harper Growing Tree books were initiated. Was the series the publisher’s idea or the author’s?
    Mama Loves and A Family Like Yours are wonderful creations. I enjoyed the balance of the text, the repetition and the message. I’m wondering if Rebecca hears the sound of a line first or does she start with an idea and then try to find the sound. (I’m thinking it can work either way – and maybe other ways too! Come to think of it, I should probably re-read Bella and Bean for this answer…)


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