Let the voting begin!

REMINDER: Tomorrow you’ll read a fascinating article by my guest J. Patrick Lewis. Don’t miss him!

We’ve had another banner month for poetry and have welcomed several new poets to the group. My thanks to all. For those who         haven’t voted before, there are two ballot boxes posted below, one for adults and one for young poets. Everyone is entitled to vote for one favorite poet in each of the two categories.

This is when I remind everyone that the voting is done in a playful spirit. We simply post the efforts of all poets who have contributed during the month and urge all participants to send out the word that voting has begun. The fun of this is to attract as many readers as possible to enjoy your poems for the month and demonstrate what clever and talented poets we have sharing their work here.

Some people have enormous networks and some don’t. One should never feel bad if the votes pour in for someone else. We all accept this monthly exercise for what it is, an exercise, a monthly challenge to stretch our imaginations.

Above each ballot box is a rectangle you can click to reread all the poems. To vote, go down the left column to the poet of your choice, click on it, then scroll to the bottom and click on vote. That’s it.

Have fun everyone. This is how we choose each month’s two Hall of Fame Poets. Onward and upward!


Click Here to Read Adult Poems

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