Nile Stanley tomorrow

BULLETIN: I’m an early bird for a change. My spring poem just went up on the W.O.M. page.

Happy April Fools Day! If anyone has a poem on the subject to share, please post it under comments below this page. We can always use a good grin.

Today it’s my pleasure to share the bio that Nile Stanley sent. He has kept it briefer than it would be if he began listing his many activities and accomplishments, but check out his sites and you’ll learn much more. Tomorrow you’ll read (and hear) from Nile himself and that will be a treat.

Affectionately known as “Nile Crocodile, the Reading Reptile,” Dr. Nile Stanley  is a reading specialist, performance poet, storyteller, musician, researcher, and professor of education at the University of North Florida. Nile is the author  of the books, Creating Readers with Poetry (2004), and Performance Literacy: Reading and Writing with Storytelling (2009).

Our sympathy is extended to residents of Rhode Island who have been devastated by flooding. Steven Withrow has had his share of woes although not as severely as many others. We hope things begin to improve soon.


6 comments on “Nile Stanley tomorrow

  1. First Book Celebration

    Friends are invited
    Let the party begin
    A house full of friends
    celebrating my first book.
    The party was happy
    Several spoke up
    “Where is your book?”
    “Yes, tell us about it.”
    I stood up and said,
    “Great party hu?”
    They all yelled
    and clapped their hands.
    Then, I shouted,
    “April Fools Day.”
    I paused for a roar
    of laugher to follow.
    None followed.
    I added, “Glad you all
    came to celebrate.
    No book was published.
    You my friends
    are celebrating today
    my very first book
    in the future.
    By then, I’ll be too
    old to celebrate.”
    The laughter roared

    Mary Nida Smith

  2. April 1st!

    It would have been
    Or Halloween Day
    Or Easter
    If I’d had my way.
    I could have had
    Turkey Feasts,
    (I would have been happy with any of these)
    Or Hearts,
    Fireworks late at night –
    Even clothes dyed bright green I’d have thought was all right.
    Instead I get
    Candles that I can’t blow out
    On top of a cake that is made with about
    Two CUPS of salt,
    And POTATO ice cream,
    With presents wrapped up, tied and taped to extreme.
    And pranks all day long –
    All my friends send me jokes…
    That’s how it is
    For April Fools’ Birthday folks!

    • liz,

      If this is for real, you did manage to pick a tough date to be born. Whether this is part of the joke or not, it’s a funny poem and I’m glad you shared it with us.

      Anybody else out there with an April Fools poem? Let’s hear from you!


  3. Hi,
    Actually my birthday often falls on Good Friday – never Easter! and I have envied my nephew’s Halloween birthday for years. For these reasons I emphathize with anyone who is celebrating his/her birthday today.
    Happy April Fools’ Day to all and Happy Birthday to the April 1st folks.

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