Announcing Father Goose

I want to thank everyone who visited my blog recently to read all the poems posted during the month and vote for your favorites. I know it takes time to pause in your day to support these writers who offer us the gift of their work. Please remember that the rich outpouring of poetry you read all sprang from a single word! Such is the power of our human experience that it allows us to see the same word in a multitude of ways and express our feelings with so many voices.

During the course of this last round of voting, we were visited by readers in England, Australia, Germany, Scotland, Italy, and numerous states in the U.S. Word of the voting spread on Facebook, Twitter, and personal networking. For those of you who came here for the first time, welcome. I invite you to return to see what our poets will create using the new word for May, which is STONE.

If you feel moved to try your own poem this month, I hope you will. Comments are always supportive and encouraging and each month we greet many new poets who share their first poetry here. If you know of others who might enjoy taking the Word of the Month Poetry Challenge, please let them know. We have poets from several countries who have discovered us and joined the fun. By having one division for adults and another for students, we can greet people of all ages.

If you have questions or comments, please leave them below in the comments section.

I am delighted to tell you that a fine poet and true gentelman will be my guest this coming Friday, May 7. His name is Charles Ghigna but his fans know him as Father Goose. On Thursday I’ll post his bio but for now you can easily find a great amount of information about Charles by surfing the Net.

Now and then I invite you to suggest other guests you would like to see on my Friday spots. I hope you will continue to consider people you know or would like to learn about. I have several on the list of special guests who will appear in coming weeks but I’m always eager to add new names.

Thank you,