9 comments on “Poem of the Week – Crossing Paths

    • Dear Jane,

      I’m glad you like the poem. Coming across tracks in the woods always fascinates me. Once I found a tree where a bear had peeled the bark almost to the ground. I didn’t stick around very long at that one!


  1. Deer enter my woodland garden often to remove the sunflowers from the bird feeders, do some pruning and drop unwanted fertilizer among the flowers. Neighbors complain when they enter their yards, not I, for wildlife entertains me.

    • Mary Nida,

      Deer are a mixed blessing, aren’t they? In some residential areas they become a nuisance but even so they’re among the most graceful creatures we have.

      The only reason I know they ever come onto our yard is because of occasional tracks left after a snow.


      • David, you are so right. Deer are so beautiful;a piece of art in motion. I am fighting to keep our city from having a hunt. If we have one, a piece of my heart will be broken.

  2. This is beautiful, David. I often feel this way when coming across animal tracks in the snow on our deck. The idea of wild animals ambling that close to our house never fails to amaze me…(Of course, it’s even more fun in the woods on their territory!)

    • Thank you, Laura,

      It’s good to hear from you and I’m pleased that you enjoyed my poem. I have a poem about tracks in the snow around our yard. Maybe I’ll post that one of these days.


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