Interested in a Highlights poetry workshop?

BULLETIN: I’m glad to tell you that you are about to meet another outstanding guest on my blog this Friday. JonArno Lawson is coming and he will post a great essay on NONSENSE. Don’t miss learning about JonArno on Thursday when I post his bio and reading his remarks on Friday.

It’s a soggy week in southwest Missouri. I’m sitting here with thunder in my ears and lightning skipping around the early morning sky.I’ve agreed to give a three day workshop on poetry in Honesdale, Pennsylvania on June 2-5, 2011. This is part of the Highlights Foundation series of workshops and is held at the farmhouse where the founders of Highlights for Children once lived. I’ve stayed there before, taken walks in the nearby woods, and looked across the road to Boyds Mill, which was the inspiration for the book division’s name. It’s a perfect location to recharge yourself and find your muse.

I haven’t posted anything on the Highlights site yet but I will soon. I’m told that one person has already signed up so I guess you can do that now though the event is more than a year away. These groups are always kept small. I think there’s room for ten or twelve people. I’ll tell you more in the next week or two as I get organized for June 2011. First I need to finish getting organized for June 2010.


I can’t believe how quickly the date is approaching for the New Jersey regional SCBWI conference. My role for that one is to give a three-hour poetry workshop plus a keynote talk on Friday, June 4 and a repeat talk on Saturday the 5th.

Over the weekend I received a packet of manuscripts to critique for several writers who have made plans to attend the conference and I look forward to meeting with you in Princeton. I’m almost finished with my keynote talk and have a good idea about the workshop. If anyone has questinos or comments about what you want me to include in either presentation, send them to me.David