Which features do you like best about my blog?

Hello everyone,

Now and then I ask for your opinions and advice about this blog. Since it’s start-up last August I’ve introduced a number of features to the blog and/or website. Individually and collectively these take time to maintain so it helps me to know how well these features are being received.

With Kathy Temean’s help I’ve posted voting boxes similar to the ones you see at the end of each month when you vote for your favorite poets. But these boxes give you a chance to vote for your top three favorite feature on my site.

Here’s how it works. You see below the same box three times and you can vote three times. In the first box, vote for your number one favorite. In the second box, vote for your second choice. In the third box, vote for your thired choice. This way I’ll get a better sense of how each feature ranks among those of you who take the time to cast ballots.

I hope you will make free use of the comment sections to add your thoughts and suggestions. As I’ve said before, my goal was and is to bring you a blog that’s worth your time to visit and/or participate in. Your thoughts are important to me.

Thanks for your help. I’ll leave these boxes up for a week to give you plenty of time to consider your selections.

8 comments on “Which features do you like best about my blog?

  1. I would like some guests to share more on how to to write a children’s book. How many poems pre book, how many pages and subject matter. Do you write in small chapters on different subjects or is the whole book written on one subject?

    Thank you David, for all your work to help us writers. I have learned so much. Your blog inspires me to not give up.

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  3. I, too, would like more info on children’s picture books–agents, publishers, how to format, word count, and so on. I’ve written two and have an idea for a series but I’m not sure how to properly format them.

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