Announcing a new Friday guest: Me


Thanks to you who have let me know your preferences among the features I’ve introduced since starting my blog last August. Many readers have dropped by to review the boxes:
But I could use a lot more votes and comments. I swear, where’s the love!

Among the comments I have received is a request for information about developing a manuscript (poetry or picture book) from start to finish. I’ve decided to take that one on myself so I’ve exercised my authority to volunteer for a guest spot on Friday, May 28.


6 comments on “Announcing a new Friday guest: Me

    • Thank you, Mary Nida,

      Like most people, I need a deadline now and then. I thought by promising to get this done next Friday it would move me to get started right away!


  1. Hi,
    I enjoy visiting this site and appreciate all the work involved. Thanks. It’s always fun to see the comments given by David and others. I’m not exactly sure how it works, but it seems that comments, once written, go to the site immediately. Sometimes I worry about this since the work of children is included in this site. Perhaps comments directed toward kids could be edited first?
    People who get involved in the voting aspect of the blog often have trouble finding the voting boxes if they don’t vote on the first day of posting. A note directing them to scroll down to the voting box day would be helpful.
    Enough for one reply! I’ll continue to think about this. Thanks again.

    • Hi Liz, and thank you! Good point about the free flow of comments. I haven’t seen anything that I found worrisome but I always read the remarks as quickly as possible and could, if necessary, simply delete them. The spam blocker has already saved well over 1,400 unwanted messages. There are some nuts out there and others who are just looking for ways to promote their products.

      I also agree about the difficulty in finding the voting boxes. Last month I finally started posting the link more often and my intention is to start posting it each day during the voting, just as I’ve been posting my survey link each day this time.

      Thanks so much,


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