Poem of the Week – Spending the Night with Relatives

As I’ve said before, working with Rob Shepperson is just plain fun. His droll wit invariably enhances the words and frequently brings surprises to the poet as well as the reader. This poem from VACATION is a good example. Look around the picture at the details. Nothing is wasted. Everything is there for a purpose — to add to the humor of the situation. My first book with Rob was BUGS, POEMS ABOUT CREEPING THINGS. His sense of the comedic makes bugs one of the funniest books I’ve done and it cemented our resolve to work together on other projects. Hence, VACATION and, we hope, other collaborations to follow.


7 comments on “Poem of the Week – Spending the Night with Relatives

    • Janet, I’m glad to learn that you had similar cousins. I always figured I had the only ones who could get by with things without ever getting caught!


  1. David, enjoyed your poem for a brought back lots of great memories as a kid with stay-overs and family reunions. I amm going to check out Rob’s illustrations. He appears to have fun as he works.

      • David, I checked on Rob’s website. Neat drawings so free flowing and spontaneous in appearance. I look forward to his guest appearance. Thank you. Now I have to check-up on another guest, Gary Dulabaum. I always get excited meeting new creative people.

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