May winners and June word

Dear readers and voters,

It is my pleasure to announce the May Hall of Fame Poets. As of cutoff last night at 10:00 CST, our winner in the adult division is Mary Nida Smith in a tight race over Beth Carter. Overall top vote getter was Mimi Cross, former Monthly Hall of Fame winner who is not eligiblle to win again during this twelve month period. Way to go, Mimi! Our Young Poet for the Month is Taylor McGowan who won over Victoria Kessinger. My congratulations to all of our poets and especially to this month’s winners.

And now it’s my pleasure to announce the word of the month for June. It’s SONG. I’m eager to see what you do with it!


3 comments on “May winners and June word

  1. Thanks David, it is an honor. Thanks to each one who voted for me. Beth it was a great run. Mimi, you are the winner for having the most friends and a special poem. Are we all ready to sing our SONG in June.

    • Mary Nida,

      Congratulations! I’m delighted to see you win for May and look forward to your June poem!


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