Amy Ludwig VanDerwater today

It is my pleasure today to introduce my very first Featured Reader, a new feature of my blog that highlights poets who decide to share their picture and a poem. Amy Ludwig VanDerwater from Holland, New York also intends to share an article when it’s ready.

Thanks, Amy!



A lone abalone
adrift in the sea
was found by a sailor
who gave it to me.

It lives on my nightstand
all rainbow and motion
reflecting each story
it learned in the ocean.

So mermaids and pirates
are real to me now.
My shell sings them back
as I stand on the prow
of a ship bound for treasure
salt spray in my face.

But when Mom tucks me in
she cannot find a trace
of gold in blue moonlight
seaweedy air.

My bedroom looks normal.

But oh!
I was there.

© Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

For more about and from Amy, visit her poem-a-day-for-a-year blog, The Poem Farm ( reader, Carol-Ann Hoyte, has promised to share a poem and article too. I’m eager to see them when Carol-Ann is ready.

9 comments on “Amy Ludwig VanDerwater today

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  2. David,

    Thanks for highlighting Amy’s work. She is a very talented children’s poet.

    BTW, I’ve added your blog to my blogroll at Wild Rose Reader. One can never have too much children’s poetry!

    • Dear Elaine,

      I agree with you about Amy’s work. Thank you for the kind remarks and for adding me to your blogroll. I’m flattered and pleased.


      • Thank you, Elaine. I feel the same way about your work and also that this blog-poem-sharing-world is a lovely one. What fun it will be to meet everyone face-to-face at NCTE!

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