Headed west


We leave in the morning for six days in Portland to visit our son Jeff Harrison and daughter-in-law Jennifer. We’ll spend a few days in Portland before heading for Cannon Beach on the coast where Jeff and Jennifer have a delightful second home.

Tomorrow I’m pleased to feature Charles Waters and his poem so don’t miss that.

Today I’m working with Dr. Mary Jo Fresch, Ohio State, on our proposal for IRA next year. These things take a while to put together and the cutoff is looming.

I may not have a Featured Guest this Friday. A number of guests-to-be (Judy O’Malley, Georgia Heard, April Halprin Wayland, Tori Bachman, Suzy Capozzi, Gary Dulabaum, Tricia Stohr-Hunt, Christine French Clark, Cynthia Leitich Smith, Greg Pincus, Ruth Culham, and others) have agreed to provide articles but at this time I’m in a lull in receiving them. I’ll post them as they come in, and I know you’ll enjoy their wisdom and insights.



4 comments on “Headed west

    • Mary Nida,

      It is pretty country out there, if you don’t mildew. We try to get there once a year and I always look forward to the drive to the coast.


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