Word of the Month Challenge after 9 months

REMINDER: You still have time to vote for the June Hall of Fame Poet. We don’t shut off the polls until tonight at 10:00. Each month since October we have enjoyed a number of strong efforts and I think the poems in June rank very high on the list.

If you want to read the poems again before choosing your favorite, there is a line in red letters just above the ballot box (posted the 26th) that says to click on it to read all the poems for June.

Tomorrow we’ll announce the June Hall of Fame Poet and give you the word for July. I think you’ll like it.

We are wrapping up our first nine months of Word of the Month and I’m proud of what has happened. Thanks to you we’ve read 173 poems posted by 68 poets. Slightly more than half (37) of you have posted one poem so far.

Three of you (Liz Korba, Mary Nida Smith, and Steven Withrow) have posted at least one poem in all nine months! Three others (Beth Carter, Janet Gallagher, and Barbara Turner) have missed only once and two (Tracie Stohr-Hunt and Jackie Huppenthal) have posted seven times.

I think these are remarkable numbers which, collectively, represent a treasury of poetry that continues to grow with each passing month. My hat is off to everyone and the invitation is always out for others to join in the monthly exercise of creating a poem inspired by a single word.

Thanks everyone,

2 comments on “Word of the Month Challenge after 9 months

  1. Thanks David.
    This is a fun outlet for thought that have been rolling around in our heads.
    Sometimes many years. I always knew I sang off key but just never could stop singing. The 7th grade choir teacher chose me “over better singers because I sang out loud and strong and might make the others sing louder to cover me up.” This he told me at the try-outs. I was happy with that.
    The preacher: I thought, I had totally forgiven him after 30 years but then he popped up in my poem! I did ask for forgiveness again.
    However should I meet him in heaven
    I might still bring it up. Hopefully I will have forgotten it way before that!
    Thanks for this website. It is so fun. One of the things I like is some of the poets are already well established poets and some of us are just having fun. I am learning some. But I feel I can put my poems up and not be
    embarrassed by not having them in the correct forms.
    So much talent here. Love to read all the entries. Really enjoy the comments too.
    David,Thanks again for this wonderful idea that you made happen.

    • Good morning, Janet,

      Your generous words are wonderful to hear. You give voice to what I’ve been working to accomplish: a writer-friendly place where people all along the scale feel free to post their work and enjoy the positive comments of readers.

      The site takes no credit for making anyone a better writer but I harbor hope that the expert advice of my guests, my occasional tips, and the input of so many other writers and artists help collectively to raise the bar a bit for each of us.

      Thanks so much for your comments.


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