Nancy Gow today


Nancy Gow from Montreal is my seventh poet to be featured during the Summer Guest Reader Series. My thanks to Nancy for sending us her picture and a poem to enjoy. Actually, she sent three poems and let me choose one; a hard choice!Nancy shares exciting news! Her first rhyming picture book, Ten Big Toes and a Prince’s Nose, will be coming out with Sterling Publishing in October. Congratulations to Nancy and to Sterling. Her editor at Sterling says that Nancy is great to work with.

To learn more about Nancy:

A Hippo Ate My Hotdog
by Nancy Gow

A hippo ate my hotdog.
I bought it at the zoo.
I loaded it with ketchup
and lots of onions, too.

I left it on a table
and went to get a drink.
When hippos smell a hotdog
they move faster than you’d think!

11 comments on “Nancy Gow today

  1. I’m gonna make sure my 7 year old nephew gets to see this, I love it and knowing him he’ll be saying it and running up and down the passage, the minute he gets it right I’ll have to reward him with ice cream.
    I bookmarked Nancy’s site, reading this has been a joy and I wish her all the best with the upcoming book, may she soar.

  2. Hi Silindile,

    Glad you like it. It’s not Shakespeare, but it’s fun. And I can just picture your nephew!

    All the best,

  3. Hi Mary, Beth and Carol-Ann,

    A big thank you!
    Beth, you do not need an agent to send your work to Sterling, and they are located in New York.
    Carol-Ann, the security at the zoo in question is actually very good, but a hungry hippo knows no bounds!

  4. Hi Nancy,
    Love the fun poem and congratulations on your book! I wish you much luck and success.

    • Nancy,

      It’s my pleasure. Thank you for contributing your talent to my blog. I hope many others will step forward in your footsteps.


  5. Nancy,

    The poem is adorable and funny, like all your other work! I’m your greatest fan. I wish you tons of success and bliss in your journey as children’s author. I will order a good number of your new book soon. I can’t wait till all your other charming and comical, often hysterically funny poems get published!


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