Introducing my Guest Reader for today

Today I am pleased to introduce a new Guest Reader, Silindile Ntuli. Some may know her as Souldose.

A few months ago Silindile joined us as a reader and poet. I was touched by the depth and honesty of her writing. Visiting her blog site I learned that Silindile endures pain and health problems yet her voice is strong and her spirit is an inspiring presence. I wonder how many of us could dig down and find the strength that Silindile possesses. Confined by her illness, sometimes unable to use her computer, this strong young woman of South Africa continues to express herself beautifully through her blog and poems.

Silindile provided me with two poems and asked me to write something about her. I told her I’m unable to do her justice. I know that she is 26 years old, unless a recent birthday added another candle on her cake. She has a sister and a brother and a mother who is herself a miracle of strength and endurance.

In truth, I think the best way to meet Silindile is to visit her blog and let her own words speak for her. Here is her link. I ask you to take some time to visit her and learn to know her better.  

I was going to choose one of her poems, the one about an experience she shared with her mother. The second poem was written a few days ago in honor of a dying uncle. I’ve decided to post both.


She sang me a soothing song,
as we sat watching that river.
The colours were so bright,
water dancing back and forth.
She sang me a song,
a gentle melodic whisper and the river danced.

Never counting the seconds, my head on her lap.
This music is soothing, takes my mind way back.
Sing me a lullaby mama, my heart will clap for joy.
She sang a melody, a whisper and I closed my eyes.
Never count the seconds, life is happening now.
Close those eyes my friend and sway with the river.
Let the music carry you, feel it consume you.
Close your eyes, open your heart and dance.


And there I was, standing silently alone.
My heart beating I watched it fade away.
A light that has brightened my life,
sinking into the merciless clouds,
An inch, I cling to it, a drop I hold for life.
And there I was, standing greeting the dark.
Not knowing it was the time, the time of the moon.

I stood with a heart torn to pieces,
wondering what comes after if fades.
I counted, yes I stood there counting.
Each number ripped a piece of me,
Each tick, each tock reminded me its time.
I stood, I watched, I braced myself.
An emptiness overcame me, love lost.
It has a way to grip a heart and shake it.
There in the dark I felt my heart shaking,
Still I stood, thinking what comes next.
I was shattered, yes I was bruised.
I was broken, lonely and confused.
The sun had gone down, my hurt remained.
I stood, silently I stood there waiting.

I saw something in the distance, bright.
I watched, my bleeding heart wide open.
I stood there waiting not knowing for what
but as the light got brighter I felt it.
I lifted my head, I held it high oh so high.
I lifted my shoulders, started to have faith.
My fear melted, hurt turned to hope.
New beginnings, I found new light
For it was the time, the time of the moon.

Thank you, Silindile, for being my Guest Reader today.