Our July Hall of Fame Poet and the August Word of the Month

Voting was close for the July Hall of Fame Poet. Steven Withrow, V. L. Gregory, and Silindile Ntuli finished in a tie. However, both Steven and Virginia are previous winners and cannot win again during this twelve month period. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce that Silindile is our July Hall of Fame Poet.

A special thank you to our one and only July young poet, Taylor McGowan, for her good poem. Several people have commented on how much they enjoyed that. We’re always glad to see your work, Taylor.

Congratulations to you, Silindile, and my thanks to everyone who contributed a nice, itchy poem during July. It was a month of many chuckles.

For August I decided to change the subject entirely. Our August word is LOVE. What can you do with that? I look forward to seeing what your creative minds conjure up!

August marks the 11th month for Word of the Month. September will complete the first year. Starting in October, all previoius Monthly Hall of Fame Poets will once again be eligible to win. Starting with October, I’ll announe a new system for selecting the monthly winners.

Also in October, we’ll post the winning poems for each of the first twelve months so everone can vote on our first Hall of Fame Poet of the Year. That should be exciting! We’ll have two ballot boxes up, one for the adults and one for the young poets.

Thanks for the ideas about how to celebrate my first blog anniversary on August 9. Please keep them coming. I leave town Sunday for five days but will do my best ot stay in touch.


7 comments on “Our July Hall of Fame Poet and the August Word of the Month

    • Congratulations again for being our July Hall of Fame Poet! I hope you have a good day soon and that this news might help a bit!


  1. My congratulations too!!!! I didn’t even know Silindile had submitted a poem. I will definitely have to go back and read all the poems. Looking forward to the month of love poetry. 🙂

  2. Hello, everyone! Congratulations to this month’s winners! And thank you, Mr. Harrison, for that kind mention! I had no idea that people enjoyed my work so much! I really appreciate all your kind comments, and I will post my “love” poem as soon as I get enough inspiration! Congratulations to the winners again, and I hope to talk to you all again soon!
    – Taylor McGowan

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