This is my last time off for a while. Each year my mother, Neva Harrison takes the family somewhere to spend a week together. Several times we’ve taken cruises. Sometimes we rent houses. This year we are occupying two large suites in a lodge at Branson, Missouri. Mom will celebrate her 98th birthday on September 9. Her happy spirit is a wonderful role model. My sister, Jule Egleston, and I were fortunate children.

I hope that many of you are already at work on your love poems. Our friend Steven Withrow is always the first one there, this time with two of his great poems. Steven, thank you for giving the rest of us such good examples of what a single word can inspire. Your aunt is lucky to have a loving nephew to pay her such high respect. Your wife must be very moved by your loving tribute to your togetherness.

Forgive me for falling behind a bit in responding to all those neat found poems that have arrived lately. Your fertile imaginations are generating poems faster than I can get to them, but I’ll do my best to catch up before long.

Lately I’ve been focusing on poetry and failing to get to the fiction and nonfiction people. I apologize and promise to do better, especially this fall when many of my educator friends are more available once again.

For now, it’s time for me to go sample the many activities to be found in Branson. I’ll stay in touch!