Update on smories

Greetings from Branson,It’s always a pleasure to hear from Ralph and Lisa and learn their latest news about the smories project. Here’s a note that arrived this past Sunday. If you haven’t checked their site, you’re missing a lot of fun and an opportunity to see and hear children read your story.

Hi David,

Lots of new developments with smories:

[1] We have relaunched the site, now with a search filter and keyword search on the homepage. The aim is to make it easier for you to find the smories you want. There are currently 165 smories up there. See http://www.smories.com .

[2] From now on, a new smory will be added to the site EVERY SINGLE DAY.

[3] From the homepage you can sign up for our daily alert, i.e. if you add your details, you will be sent a very short, linked description of the daily smory. Pick-and-choose the ones you want to watch.

[4] We have added a “submit a filmed smory” tool. This lets you submit your own film, which will be hosted privately on the site. e.g. students can narrate their own stories, and we can host them in a secure environment on the smories site. The link is http://www.smories.com/submit/video/ . This is going to be significantly expanded in coming months as a literacy tool, allowing teachers to build their own smories micro-sites, in a safe, secure environment.

[5] From now on, all new smories will have “read-along” subtitles.

[6] If you’re an author, please do keep sending us your writing. You’ll retain all rights and with the dailies, we now have a constant need for great new smories.

[7] If you submitted a smory in July, we’ll let you know in the next few days whether it has been selected for filming.

[8] If your smory is already on the site, or if we have accepted one for filming, by all means send us your bio and photo for your author page.

As ever, please give us your feedback. The site is developing super-fast and we very much appreciate hearing your thoughts.

Best wishes,

– Ralph & Lisa——————————-

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