Word of the Month Poetry Challenge


Greetings everyone. Here in Missouri we are experiencing 100 degree days and I know that many other areas are equally hot. I say it’s too warm to be outdoors. Stay in and write poems for Word of the Month. The word this month is love and there are all kinds of meanings and applications for love.

There’s puppy love of course. I love chocolate. I love the lake behind my house, evenings in the pool with my wife, homemade ice cream, writing, and reading. I love it when I leave my dentist’s office after getting my teeth cleaned. I love my friends. I love sleeping in although I don’t get to do that often. I love the ocean, mountains, the rolling hills of the Ozarks, floating on a river. I love to hear crows in the distance. My list, and yours, could go on. So pick something and post your poem. There is plenty of time but don’t put it off. Do it now and feel smug about it. Don’t you just love that feeling?


2 comments on “Word of the Month Poetry Challenge

  1. Don’t you also LOVE the deliciously-COOL feeling and comfort of air-conditioning on an unbearably-hot-and-better-to-stay-inside-and-create day…

    Keep cool, David, and happy creations!

    OR just simply relax and enjoy the pleasure of time and space wherever you are…


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