WRITERS AT WORK – Care and Feeding of Ideas (Part 4)

Hi Everyone,

Here is the fourth and last response to Care and Feeding of Ideas, the opening issue discussed by Sandy Asher and me as part of the new segment, WRITERS AT WORK. If you are keeping track of the three previous segments, here are the links.



September 21, 2010
Topic 1: Care and Feeding of Ideas
Response 4: David

Sandy, we’ve both pointed out how much we rely on the ready presence of pad and pencil to capture those ideas when they appear unannounced. I don’t want to bloody the point, but many a delicious plot, scrap of dialogue, perfect description, or fantastic rhyme has slipped into that murky river of our subconscious and lodged somewhere out of reach — all for the lack of a piece of paper. Some ideas speed off like a hit and run driver. When they’re gone, they don’t want to be found.

Today I was refilling my hummingbird feeder. While I stood outside the kitchen, empty container in one hand, teapot of fresh sugar water in the other, a hummingbird materialized beside me. It hovered two feet away, sizing me up and down, while I stood transfixed by my good fortune. When the tiny feathered dart vanished across the yard, I knew I had to capture the moment as quickly as I could return to the kitchen. I did better than make myself a note. I shared it with all of you too.I tell young people that to be a writer they must believe they are a writer, think like a writer, and behave like a writer. Writers love ideas. They feast on them. They don’t let many good ones get away.

Sandy, this wraps up Care and Feeding of Ideas.

Next Tuesday we’ll pose another issue and start posting our responses to it. It will be my turn to go first. See you then.David



4 comments on “WRITERS AT WORK – Care and Feeding of Ideas (Part 4)

  1. David, I just finished making food for my hummers. In the last month more have arrived. I been quickly snapping pictures. They dart in and out like pop-up ideas. You need to capture the moment. Most of the
    pictures will be deleted because the focus wasn’t clear.

    • You are more energetic than I, Mary Nida. I sometimes sit beside the lake at night with my night binoculars to see what’s stirring but by day I rarely think to take a camera when I go out. My hummer caught me in the act of refreshing its feeder and just wanted to make certain I was doing it right.


  2. Thanks for the link, I saved the pages for a good day… Something to look forwardd to reading:-) Gotta say I’ve learned a lot from you, thank you David.
    Am going to the beach tomorrow, haven’t for too long, my brother has finally agreed to carry me into the water, I can’t wait.

    • Hi Silindile,

      I hope the good days come back soon. I know you are ready for them!

      Hooray for your brother for taking you into the water. It sounds like a great idea and he sounds like a good brother.


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