Announcing our 2010 Hall of Fame Poets

Hello everyone,

Today is a momentous occasion. I can annouonce our first annual Word of the Month Hall of Fame Poets. Drum roll please.

The 2010 Hall of Fame Poet is Euleta Usrey from Missouri. Our runner up is Mimi Cross from New Jersey.

The 2010 Hall of Fame Young Poet is Courtney Clawson from Ohio. Runner up is Taylor McGowan from Pennsylvania.

My thanks to all who participated, and that includes a lot of people. Dozens of poets from half a dozen countries contributed their work and tens of thousands of readers enjoyed them. Many of you leave comments now and then to let me know who you are. Most visitors elect to browse but remain silent. I’m always pleased to hear from someone for the first time.

So here we are in the first month of our second year and the word is CHANGE. Already we are receiving new poems inspired by the new word. I’m eager to report on Word of the Month next month when I present at NCTE in Orlando. I look forward to featuring selected poems and comments from teachers, students, and our adult poets.