WHAT ARE THE PROS UP TO? with Jane Yolen

Another Monday, another great opportunity to catch up with one of my previous Featured Guests to see what’s been going on lately. Today I’m delighted to re-present Jane Yolen. With Jane, there is always a LOT going on. Thanks, Jane, for returning. This time I was able to get your picture posted. I love the one you provided.

I have come back from my 3 1/2 months in Scotland, having gotten a full (short) novel that was under contract done–SNOW IN SUMMER, two short stories (one sold), four proposals for books with poetry and son Jason’s photographs, 3 new HOW DO DINOSAUR books, and got about a half dozen rejections.


7 comments on “WHAT ARE THE PROS UP TO? with Jane Yolen

  1. Good morning, Laura,

    It’s always a pleasure to see you drop by. Keeping up with Jane would take a tag-team. She’s something else.


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