Tell me about yourself

Hi Everyone,

Please do me a favor. Read down the list below and check each circle that applies to why you visit this blog. If you’re a parent who comes here seeking information as a parent, check parent. If you’re a librarian and a parent but you visit the blog primarily as a librarian, check librarian. If you write nonfiction but also come here in your role as a teacher, check those two circles.

I try to bring you the kind of information that serves a useful purpose so it helps me to stay in tune with you. I’ll leave this open for a week to give you plenty of time. Most readers don’t respond to surveys but I hope a good many of you will help me. Many thanks!

10 comments on “Tell me about yourself

  1. Hello David:

    I visit your blog first and foremost in my role as a poet but I have also found information here that is useful in my work as assistant librarian at the boys’ school (K-High School) where I work full-time.

  2. I didn’t pick OTHER but I think more explaining is necessary.. I first came here after following a link from a friend, and stayed because of the poetry competition and the great poems one sees throughout the month, but now I’m staying also because of the informative conversations you have with professional writers, I love the Pros Up To segment.

    • Hi Silindile,

      Many thanks for leaving your comments. It’s always a challenge to know what brings people to a blog site once and then brings them back. I appreciate your help, as always.


  3. Other: former HS teacher, former public library children’s services staff & volunteer, former college library staff, currently librarian for our state library. I also meant to click “Non-Fiction Writer,” but the click didn’t stick.

    • Good heavens, Jane! For you I should set up a whole new box of categories! Many thanks for your added remarks. They really do help a lot. For example, they make me aware that we need to hear from more librarians as guests!


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  6. I realize I was late in reading and responding to this post, but I found I could only check one. For me the following apply: poet, fiction writer, nonfiction writer, high school teacher, parent, and editor. Sorry I haven’t been around much. Too much going on with my kids but I finally replaced my laptop. That should help. Looking forward to visiting again soon.

    • Yousei! I’ve missed you!

      So glad you’re back and hope your various obligations are not as heavy these days.

      I look forward to hearing more from you again soon.


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