This Week with David Harrison

BULLETIN: I enjoyed my week in Florida and look forward to catching up on all these posts and comments that came in while I was away. Please be patient with me for a few days while I work away at the back list.Thanks!

Hi Everyone,

I’m working with Drury University to creat a regular, online show for The School of Education and Child Development. It’s to be called This Week with David Harrison.

Our initial effort was recorded on September 15. As the first show gains focus and polish, our creative team is coming together. Technical director is Damon Hargraves. Dr. Laurie Edmondson is in charge of professioinal development. I do content and presentation. Our fourth member, the show’s director, should be named soon. Dr. Chris Craig, Director of Drury’s School of Education and Child Development, also sings, plays guitar, and writes music. Chris is creating an original theme song for the program. If all goes well, we’ll shoot the second show on November 15. Once we get the framework perfected, we’ll pick up the pace considerably.

The goal is to air a new show weekly or at least on a regular basis. Each episode will last 8-12 minutes, be suitable for sharing in the classroom, and will feature a theme that supports literacy. These will include How to Find Ideas, Getting Started, Keeping Journals, Rewriting and Revising, Writing Stories, Writing Poetry, Writing Nonfiction, Choosing What to Read, and numerous others.

Over time each theme may accrue more than one show on the subject. Laurie and I are working on professional development for teachers so this can also be made available as a course for credit. Although the program is geared toward students and teachers in the classroom, we’re keeping a much broader audience in mind. Thanks to the magic of technology, it will be available everywhere.

Sometime this fall I’ll start linking these shows to the Drury site to make it easier for readers of my blog to follow the program. For now I just wanted to let you know what’s in store. Please share this with those others who might be interested. Thanks.

7 comments on “This Week with David Harrison

  1. I think you’re actually getting more and more successful David and I’m happy for you, starting something new may be unnerving but its also growth and so well done my friend… Looking forward to the links one day.

    • Thank you, Silindile. I’m grateful for the technology that makes such things possible, but I’m more grateful for the people who know how to use it.


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