My Word of the Month Poem

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Greetings all,

One of the poems I worked on in Florida was my contribution to the October Word of the Month Challenge. Here’s my offering. I hope you enjoy it.

Changing with the Times

by David L. Harrison

Three hundred million years ago,
in a Paleozoic sea,
a lily-like crinoid died.

Collapsing onto the sandy floor,
the frail corpse began
the tedious transmogrification
into a fossil.

Along its journey through time
entombed in compressed sand,
the crinoid joined a limestone shelf
below the deepest roots of a piney forest.

Water droplets seeping down,
soaking acid from bits
of leaves and animal rot,
came to it there in the dark.

Rock of such loose heritage –
hardly a match for water sourly disposed –
lost molecule by molecule
(as millenniums etched by)
to a fledgling cave.

The crinoid’s atoms washed downstream
on subterranean currents
where they eventually returned,
after too many twists and turns to relate,
to the sea.