What Are the Pros Up To, with Bobbi Katz

Today I’m very happy to bring Bobbi Katz back to give us an update on what’s going on with her lately. As always, Bobbi is busy!

I know lots of writers feel nurtured by critique groups, but I have never been drawn to them. I believe that when I talk about the contents of what I’d like to write or what I’m working on, somehow my creativity springs a leak.The energy seeps out of the project. So I will be vague.For the first time in more years than I can count, instead of focusing on writing a particular book on my own, I’ve been collaborating, both with J. Patrick Lewis on a collection of poems and also with a musician, who composes, among other things, choral music. I’m writing lyrics! I always thought that the lyrics we hear with music were no different than those we read. Since childhood, I’ve made up words to go with music. Now, however, I realize that the words which are sung, just exist in time. Words that are meant to be read, exist in space as well. We can return to that place on the page for the word or idea that we missed on the first go-around. We can reconsider an image. A simple explanation: Reading poems aloud engages more of our senses than simply hearing a lyric sung. I am surprised by the old woman who looks out at me from my mirror. Life never ceases to amaze her with new delights and challenges!

82 Riverview
Port Ewen, NY 12466