Progress report on This Week with David Harrison

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Hi everyone,

On Monday morning I met at the Communication Center studio at Drury University to shoot the first episode of THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON. I mentioned this before when we did a test video to help clarify goals and procedures.

This time we were in a studio with a team of four people to help bring the show to life and I think I’m going to like the results. Over the coming months I expect to get up to speed with a weekly podcast program. Each episode will be 5-7 minutes long and fall under the broad categories of GETTING STARTED, POETRY, FICTION, NONFICTION, and MAKING IT BETTER.

Teachers and others who wish to take the series as a course for credit can contact Drury University for information (soon). As I do here on the blog, from time to time I intend to invite specialists in children’s literacy to be my guests.

When THIS WEEK WITH DAVID HARRISON is up and running, I’ll cross reference the show so you can get to it from here, just as my web page on the Drury site can lead viewers to this spot.

Here’s a list of categories and themes planned for upcoming episodes.

Ideas by Association
Where Does One Word Take You?
The Power of Observation
Making lists
Reading for Ideas
Keeping Journals

Starting with a Single Word
Some Poems Rhyme
Some Poems Do Not Rhyme
Playing with Lines
Some Poems Have Meter
Some Poems Do Not Have Meter
Some Poems are Short
Some Poems are Long
Some Poems are Funny
Some Poems are Not Funny
Importance of Reading Aloud

Realistic Fiction
Science Fiction
Historical Fiction

Importance of Reading
How to Make Notes
Having a Word Budget
Who is Telling the Story?
Rough Draft
Checking Facts
Importance of Reading Aloud

How to Revise
How to Rewrite
Importance of Spelling, Punctuation, and Paragraphing
From Rough Draft to Finished Copy

Let me know if you have thoughts or suggestions.

4 comments on “Progress report on This Week with David Harrison

  1. Hey, David–You can do your settings so that your blog post automatically feeds into your FB account. Every time you post a new post, it will create a Note in your FB account. The Note is your blog post. It’s very cool and easy. At least it was for me, and I’m not that good at FB, either!

    • Thanks, Laura. This helps a lot. I’ll check it out.

      I hope you had a good fall. Winter seems intent on coming to town.


  2. David, I am looking forward to your weekly podcasts with great anticipation. Congratulations and best wishes on this new venture! I am awed at the energy you possess… When do you recharge your batteries I wonder.

    THANK YOU, David, for always finding new ways to generoulsly give MORE of yourself and your time.


    • Hi Cory,

      Thank you. Once in a while I do wonder if there might be something wrong with my mechanism for passing on an opportunity. I open my mouth to say “no” and “yes” pops out. I think my wife would send me to therepy if she thought it would do any good.


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