Update on WOM, Woza Woza, and Poetry Tag

Hi everyone,

Here’s an update on our three concurrent poetry exercises this month.


Word of the Month Poetry Challenge needs more poets and poems. At this point we can be grateful for Steven Withrow, Gay Fawcett, Ken Slesarik, Julie Krantz, Cory Corrado, new poet Autumn Harrar, Mary Nida Smith, and Euleta Usrey for sharing their efforts. As for our WOM Young Poets, thank goodness for Omar Teran who has posted the only poem so far. Don’t forget, the word for December is WEATHER.


Our Woza Woza Poem got off to a good start before everyone put their pens away and headed for the mall. Here’s as far as we got before the specials hit the papers.

She came to me, a stranger, and climbed on my lap.
She is so cute, I smiled and knew we would be friends
I stroked her fur; felt the scar upon her floppy ear.
Suddenly she jumped off my lap and headed for the door.
Out of nowhere a non-stop thumping echoed through the house

(I’m eager to learn more. What is this creature? Who is doing the thumping?)


We also got off to a quick start with Poetry Tag but we haven’t had as many takers lately. Here’s the history so far.

Orthopedic Shoes Don’t Flamenco
by Jane Heitman Healy

Orthopedic shoes don’t flamenco.
They don’t tango, fandango, or romp.
They don’t cha-cha or foxtrot or two-step.
Their only dance is the stomp.

Orthopedic shoes help my feet grow
Into the shape they should.
Someday I’ll swirl, twirl and pivot
And give up orthopedics for good.

by Cory Corrado

There once lived a girl who wished she could twirl;
The shoes that she wore only made her hair curl.
With a snippety, snip, snip
Her locks she did clip
When she stuffed them in her shoes, she began to pivot and swirl.

by Scarred Poet

It was, I think,
The crutches that made me blink.
Look, now! The Orthopedic Shoes!
Made to shuffle the blues!
But man, they shine!
So, I won’t whine!
Soon I will be going fast,
Crutches lost at last!
And a chance…
Yes, a chance, perhaps, to dance!

Style Statement
By Ken Slesarik

Rhinos choose to wear shoes in hues of blues
and when venturing out in groups of twos
they’ll wear mismatched tuxes and ill fitting gowns
to sample fine dining in deep jungle towns.
But what does he eat, the powerful rhino?
How should I know?

The Perfect Diet
by David L. Harrison

Mrs. LaPlump weighed 300 pounds,
Her husband weighed 202.
“I’ve got to lose some weight,” she said,
“I’ll give up potatoes and pizza and bread.”
Mr. LaPlump said, “I will, too.
My darling, I’ll do it for you.”

When each of them lost 100 pounds,
He weighed only 102.
“I’ve got to lose more weight,” she said.
“This next 100,” said he, “I dread
For when we are finished I’ll only weight 2,
But darling, I’ll do it for you.”

They lost another 100 pounds,
Her figure was perfect and trim,
But there is a lesson here I think,
Mr. LaPlump continued to shrink
And one day disappeared down the sink,
And you may find this grim, my dears,
But it was the end for him.

A Perfect Diet follow-up…
by Cory Corrado

The potatoes were sour-creamed and plump-baked
The pizza was spicy, hot, and well-beyond dressed
The bread was warm, thick, and buttered-crusty
I gobbled them down with gusto and gluttonous-glee
Then bubbling like a ready-to-burst balloon
To the bedroom I waddled and flopped onto my bed

I tossed and I turned
I lashed and I thrashed
I dreamed of mountains of potatoes and pizza and bread,
I dreamed of baking and shaking, of banging and bursting
I dreamed of rumbling and grumbling, of rolling and mumbling. THEN…
a loud CRASH!!!

When in the morning I woke spread flat on the ground
I knew the dreams had not been dreamed in my head
The weight of the potatoes and pizza and bread made ‘TWIN’ see RED!

So now here I lie- my twin-bed is dead.
I pledge to give up (a few pounds of)
potatoes, pizza, and bread
And buy me a new king-size one instead!

King Size Bed
By Janet Kay Gallagher

I wanted one one for years
even cried a few tears.
Finally got a King size bed
for years a wonderful place
to lay my head
No more hugging the edge of
the mattress when hubby made
me mad
Now he is gone and I am sad
No more need for a king size bed
I need to get a full size bed instead

I hope some of you will be inspired to pitch in to one or more of our ongoing exercises for the month. Thanks.