My weather poem

Hi everyone,

Speaking of weather, here’s a previously published poem of mine on the subject (Using the Power of Poetry). I intend to do an original this month, too, but for now I want to be counted in.

Night Storm

(2 voices)
David L. Harrison

(1st voice)
Growling cloudy beasts to prowling,
Stalking through the night,
With fiery eyes they roam the skies
Spoiling for a fight.

(2nd voice)
Thunderous roars
And lightning breath
Scare the timid
Half to death!

(1st voice)
With tooth and claw they gnash and gnaw
And clash with roars of pain
Till fangs and scales and tips of tails
Rattle down like rain.

(2nd voice)
Lightning breath
And thunderous roars
Keep the timid
Scared indoors!

(1st voice)
Flashing scowls they shriek and howl
Till every beast lies dead.
Their roisterous fight all through the night
Paints the morning red.

(2nd voice)
No one’s frightened
Of lightning breath
Or thunderous roar.