Goose Lake

Hi everyone,

Now and then I tell you about the lovely small lake behind our house. A number of homes are built around the focal point of this lake which, as far as I know, has no official name. Lately I’ve been writing about the lake and have dubbed it Goose Lake for obvious reasons to anyone who is familiar with the place.

Yesterday morning I took a picture of Goose Lake with the sun rising across the water. I wanted to share it with you. Last week we had a brief visit by a bald eagle. What a magnificent sight! I wrote about that experience too.

For now, here’s the sunrise. If you would like to see other pictures, I have many.

Face smooth from sleep
the lake awakens,
dabs on rouge –
a gift of the rising sun –
and opens for business.

Two ducks rippling
across the surface
begin to write the day.

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