What Are the Pros Up To, with Marilyn Singer

Hello everyone,

Today on What Are the Pros Up To, I’m pleased to bring back Marilyn Singer to tell us what she has been doing since her last appearance here. As always, Marilyn keeps busy and remains one of our most popular and successful poets. If you have thoughts or questions, please post them in the comments below.

2010 has been quite a remarkable year for me. MIRROR, MIRROR came out in March and has gotten six starred reviews, and been listed as one of the year’s best books by the Washington Post, Horn Book, Booklist, Publishers Weekly, the New York Public Library, the Chicago Public Library, Scripps News Service, and blogger Betsy Bird’s list. In addition, it is on the Texas Bluebonnet Master List. I am pleased to announce that I’ve recently completed an as yet unnamed companion book of fairy tale reversos which will be illustrated by the divine Josee Masse, who also illustrated MIRROR, MIRROR.

Other highlights included participating in the annual Poetry Blast at ALA last June and in Sylvia Vardell’s “Poets and Bloggers” panel at NCTE in November, being featured on Reading Rockets, and flying to Washington DC to tape an interview for the Kennedy Center’s forthcoming program “Poets and Presidents,” which will be on educational TV and the Internet beginning January 21.

In the coming year, I have five books coming out: TWOSOMES: Love Poems from the Animal Kingdom (Knopf); TALLULAH’S TUTU (Clarion), the first in a series of picture books about a girl in ballet class; WHAT IS YOUR DOG DOING? (Atheneum), a rhymed picture book; CATERPILLARS (EarlyLight), a nonfiction book; and A STICK IS AN EXCELLENT THING: Poems about Everyday Play (Clarion).

My husband and I continue to dance up a storm. Who knows what that might inspire?

5 comments on “What Are the Pros Up To, with Marilyn Singer

  1. David, thanks for bringing Marilyn back. Marilyn, wow, you are prolific! I loved MIRROR MIRROR and look forward to the fairy tale book. Congratulations on your success and here’s to more in the year ahead!

  2. Hi Jane,

    You are welcome. I’m always glad to bring the news from friends like Marilyn. She never stops working and people love what she writes.


    • Thanks, David, Jane, and Mary. I don’t have a fixed writing schedule, Mary. I tend to take care of e-mail and work-related stuff in the late morning (I am NOT an early riser) and I write in the afternoon/early evening. If i’m immersed in a project, I’ll work every day till it’s done. I like mobility, so I usually write on legal pads anywhere I want to. However, I wrote MIRROR, MIRROR on the computer because the form is so tricky.

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